Project Background:

An esteemed organization and a market leader in manufacturing consumer glassware, laboratory equipment, and solar glass by having state of an art manufacturing facility required sewage treatment plants to treat their raw sewage water.
The organization had a wide range of machinery and a large-scale production facility that contains a gas-fired furnace, a float bath unit, an annealing unit, and many more set-ups which give them a competitive edge over their competitors.


Concerned for the environment and their commitment towards Water conservation and Recycling, raw sewage wastewater was seen as a source of water that would decrease their freshwater intake, so the main challenge was to recycle raw sewage water and treat it to such standards that it can be used in ancillary processes/toilet flushing/landscaping and must be able to achieve and surpass all the parameters set by the respective pollution control board.

How we got selected:

As the motto of our company “GET WASTEWATER TO YOUR STANDARDS“ itself is self-explanatory, we always made sure that the plant we provide them gives them the desired results.

We pointed to the client that buying the plant having no robust design and short equipment required, they can save your money today and probably it would be able to momentarily satisfy some of the parameters set by respective pollution control board but for a hassle-free, continuous, long term solution they should choose a plant which has all necessary equipment which gives zero down-time required for smoother operation of the plant in future.

How we helped the client to achieve their purpose:

1.We visited the site to our satisfaction
before the plant was awarded and even after it was awarded to us, to understand the condition of the site, available space, to collect the sample, identifying peak hours of the plant, The skills of operators, their availability, and other things which can affect the plant performance in the longer run.

2.This project required extensive design and operating experience,
in terms of:
a. Selection of type feed pump
b. Internal surface painting of the tank
c. Choice of Pre-Filter to MBR membranes
d. Design flux of MBR Membranes
e. Design & Mixing of the Anoxic chamber
f. A number of Diffusers
g. Provision for CIP & Membrane Cleaning
h. Suction point and capacity of RAS Pump
i. Selection of Permeate
j. Post-treatment disinfection & polishing
k. Level of Automation
l. Operating hours and vital instructions
m. Training to the Operators

3.Using MBR’s we got the desired results and assisted in the cause of the organization to recycle water for better use.

As Of Now:

  • The plant offers high-quality treated water, with consistent performance, low sludge production, and no odor during and after the process.
  • We have been operating and maintaining the plant for the last 18 months and still continuing to do so and doing our part in environmental conservation, however small.

Intake: Parameters we designed the plant for

  1. TSS: ~300 mg/L
  2. COD: ~600 mg/L
  3. BOD: ~350 mg/L
  4. Total Nitrogen: ~50 mg/L
  5. Oil & Grease: ~50 mg/L

Results we achieved from the plant:

  1. TSS: 2 mg/L
  2. COD: 28.92 mg/L
  3. BOD: 5.8 mg/L
  4. Total Nitrogen: 1.96 mg/L
  5. Oil & Grease: 0.4 mg/L

Plant: MBR based STP

Tevoren Technologies LLP's MBR Plant
Tevoren Technologies LLP’s MBR Plant

The result we achieved

Tevoren Technologies successfully designed, supplied, installed, and commissioned an ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) for treating of electroplating waste effluent. We not only achieved the stringent treated effluent discharge quality set by the Pollution Control Board but also have given the much needed “peace of mind” to the client to focus on manufacturing and not in wastewater treatment by undertaking the Operations of the plant under our qualified supervision. Quality has always been a priority for us and the same has resulted in Customer satisfaction.

Client:- Gabriel India Limited.

Products Manufactured:- Shock Absorbers, Front Forks, and other Suspension products for Vehicles.

Date of Commissioning:- 31st December 2019

It is a part of a wastewater treatment system which contains bio degradeble organic compound. It provides an oxygen-rich environment so that microorganisms grow and reduce the organic portion of the system.

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