Flotation involves separation of solids from the water phase by  attaching the solids to fine air bubbles to decrease the overall density of the particles so that Particle float instead of sinking.

The rising solids are called the “froth”.  The float is skimmed off the surface by Scraper and further processed in the sludge train.

It is used for removal of suspended solids such as emulsion of oil and grease.

Basic of DAF

DAF works best in specific gravity near 1.

It required comparatively less area.

Higher power consumption than a gravity settler system.

High efficiency of removal.

Oil can be related to 1 ppm depending on feed water inlet concentration.

System consists of three parts

  1. Saturator

  2. DAF Tank

  3. Sludge removal system

How we can optimization DAF system?

  1. Recycle rate

  2. Bubble size / Pressure

  3. Scraper speed

  4. Dosing

It is a part of a wastewater treatment system which contains bio degradeble organic compound. It provides an oxygen-rich environment so that microorganisms grow and reduce the organic portion of the system.

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Sand Filtration

It is a physical filtration system(based on size) use in the wastewater treatment process. Most common uses of sand filtration are for removing turbidity and/or suspended solids.

Two type of sand filtration system.

  1. Pressure sand filtration.

  2. Slow sand filtration system.

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