Aerobic Treatment System

It is a part of a wastewater treatment system which contains bio degradeble organic compound. It provides an oxygen-rich environment so that microorganisms grow and reduce the organic portion of the system.

How aeration system work?

Aeration tank provides oxygen through a blower for bacteria and other microorganisms to break down bio organic matter into simpler molecules. It needs to design well for maximum efficiency because very high or less oxygen leads to the death of bacteria.We have to make sure no dead zones occur in the system to get maximum yield.

Activated sludge plant involves 4 step:

  1. Wastewater aeration in the presence of a bacteria and other microorganisms.

  2. Solid-liquid separation in Clarifier,

  3. Discharge of clarified effluent

  4. return of remaining biomass or sludge to the aeration tank.

Nowadays new technologies coming out like MBBR that give relive high efficiency than Aeration tank.

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