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Sand Filtration

It is a physical filtration system(based on size) use in the wastewater treatment process. Most common uses of sand filtration are for removing turbidity and/or suspended solids.

Two type of sand filtration system.

  1. Pressure sand filtration.

  2. Slow sand filtration system.

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MBBR is one of the popular choices for aerobic treatment of wastewater. Conventional Activated Sludge requires a very large area, Whereas we can fit MBBR in the relatively smaller area. Its similar to activated sludge, but has additional media(biochips) for the growth of microorganism on it. It reduces the BOD and COD of the wastewater in a lesser area compare to  Activated sludge process.

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Hardness:- It shows the amount of multivalent ions mostly comprised of Calcium and Magnesium dissolve in water.

Definition:- Property of water by which it does not produce lather when reacting with soap.

Hard water contains a high amount of Calcium, Magnesium (Chloride, sulfate, carbonate, and bicarbonate) or any other metal iron. Whereas Soft water contains very less or Nill amount of this salt.

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