Moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR)

MBBR is one of the popular choices for aerobic treatment of wastewater. Conventional Activated Sludge requires a very large area, Whereas we can fit MBBR in the relatively smaller area. Its similar to activated sludge, but has additional media(biochips) for the growth of microorganism on it. It reduces the BOD and COD of the wastewater in a lesser area compare to  Activated sludge process.

The Carriers for microorganisms are made of polyethylene/ polypropylene with the density close to that of water (1 g/cm3). It will provide surface area for the Biofilm to grow.


MBBR consists of biochips that are a mobile phase in a system. Over the time we can see the growth of the microorganism. It will provide additional surface Area for microorganisms to grow so that we can get high efficiency in a lesser area.

Advantage of MBBR

  • Less space required

  • Less turnaround time.

  • Expandable- it can be easily expandable.

  • It is a cost-effective method requires low maintenance costs.

  • Produce relatively less Sludge.

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