Sand Filtration

It is a physical filtration system(based on size) use in the wastewater treatment process. Most common uses of sand filtration are for removing turbidity and/or suspended solids.

Two type of sand filtration system.

  1. Pressure sand filtration.

  2. Slow sand filtration system.

Pressure sand filtration

Pressure sand filtration consists of pebbles, Sand media, Pressure vessel, pressure gauge, flow meter.  The bottom layer is made of big pebbles50-60 mm). The middle layer is made of competitively small pebbles(35-50 mm),  A top layer is made of sand media(0.8-1.6mm). The pressure sand filtration system can be operated at high pressure (2-4 bar). Most common use find in swimming pool. It required relatively less space than slow sand filtration.

It required relatively less space than slow sand filtration.

Three cycles of sand filtration are

  1. Filtration- it is Simple Filtration cycle where water flows through the inlet to the outlet.

  2. Backwash- In this cycle water pump through the outlet pipe and drain to ETP.

  3. Rinse- In this water pump through the inlet pipe and We finally drain to ETP.


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