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Tevoren Technologies successfully designed, supplied, installed, and commissioned an ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) for treating of electroplating waste effluent. We not only achieved the stringent treated effluent discharge quality set by the Pollution Control Board but also have given the much needed “peace of mind” to the client to focus on manufacturing and not in wastewater treatment by undertaking the Operations of the plant under our qualified supervision. Quality has always been a priority for us and the same has resulted in Customer satisfaction.

Client:- Gabriel India Limited.

Products Manufactured:- Shock Absorbers, Front Forks, and other Suspension products for Vehicles.

Date of Commissioning:- 31st December 2019


MBBR is one of the popular choices for aerobic treatment of wastewater. Conventional Activated Sludge requires a very large area, Whereas we can fit MBBR in the relatively smaller area. Its similar to activated sludge, but has additional media(biochips) for the growth of microorganism on it. It reduces the BOD and COD of the wastewater in a lesser area compare to  Activated sludge process.

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